Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We've Moved

VII Mag is moving up in the world and we have a new website, not new because we've had it for a while but now you get to enjoy it. Visit us at viimag.com for posts, news, interviews and everything else you love.

Again, that is VIIMAG.com. Read our new post about the Basketball Wives movie at http://viimag.com/?p=1144.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

9lbs 13 oz

Wow. That's a big baby. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, Jessica Simpson finally had her baby and she was 9 lbs 13 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. Yes after what seems like the longest pregnancy ever, Jessica announced on her website that she gave birth to a baby girl. Here is the official announcement. Congrats to the new parents

Attack of the Stans: Letoya Luckett Edition

Yes, Letoya Luckett has stans. Now that we've gotten that out the way, she has stans and the are pissed at her. They are so pissed that they wrote a graduate school thesis about how pissed they are.

Here are snippets because it is long, you can read it all here http://www.letoyanews.com/2012/04/29/dear-letoya/

Dear LeToya,I am writing this letter to you, no hard feelings, I am going to write to you like if we are close friends so I am going to keep it real 100%. This is very deep and I need you to take this seriously. I’ll speak for myself but I know a lot of the fans are sharing the same feelings.
I have been supporting you for fifteen (15!) long years. Since 1997 when you were in Destiny’s Child and followed you through the Anjel days up until your preparation to come out solo. And it’s not some light supporting. It’s buying ALL (music, movies, magazines, etc…) your shit 10 times (literally), requesting your stuff like crazy, talk about you to everybody converting hundreds of people into fans of yours, buying $150 Mary J Blige ticket concerts just to see you and leave right after your performance, taping you, making a hella great site that takes a countless amount of hours and that even your official have a hard time to match. I actually had been part of the other site since day one of its creation. Never took credit for anything but yes I was part of LeToyaOnline. What made LeToyaOnline was the fans. Not its administrator Ced. And that was the beauty of it, you had so many fans out there contributing all willing to make you successful. Each and every fan would bring something to the table. Each and every person there was full of energy and ready to fight for you in their way. After a few differences with that incompetent petty douchebag Ced I left, made LeToyaNews and the rest is history. 
You might not realize this but my position in the entertainment business allowed me to lobby for you and allow you to get gigs without you even knowing it was thanks to me. I got you slots on TV for performances and interviews, magazine spreads and more. I am not going to mention which ones exactly but a lot of those, you would NEVER had got without ME. People always be asking me if I am your publicist lol. You don’t realize the importance and the power that fans – and especially those that are well placed – can have. If you lose a few you might lose great things. 
Without your fans, Torn which started your career woudn’t have been a success, and let alone have your album debuting at #1. Your fans pushed really hard for you to succeed. It’s like we forced it. We wanted you to be a star and did everything for it to happen.
 It seems like you “think” you’re doing the right things. Cool you have a few collabs leaking here and there, you tweet, have a few ustream, released that webserie . So you really believe that this is enough to keep us fans happy. WRONG. 

I absolutely don’t give a F about Smooth Touch, I don’t care about Gospel plays, I don’t care about any of the acting. I wanted MUSIC and most importantly for some unknown reason I wanted to witness you being successful at it. It’s not just that I want to have more tracks from you. It’s that I want to see you enjoy success like a Drake or a Keri Hilson because I know you deserve it so much.
 As I am growing older I’m starting to care about MY OWN life. Your life is not more valuable than mine. If you don’t care about your career then, there is no reason why I should care either. 
 I know it looks like a lot but I only posted 1/3 of the letter. This person goes in and while I get it, it's not that serious. Letoya is doing what pays her bills. Acting pays her bills, Smooth Touch pays the bills, the plays pay her bills and I say go Letoya for re-branding herself. If she can make a steady income while doing what she loves on the gospel front, why not? People don't realize that making music costs money, takes a lot of time, and has no guaranteed pay off. I like Letoya, I interviewed her and she was nice, but this person wants too much. Letoya is a person with a life and this person needs one.  Just because someone has a public career, doesn't mean they're obligated to tell you all their business. I want to know why this person is just realizing that their life is more important than that of a person they don't know. That's disturbing.

B2K Reunites..

Well, 75% of them did. We know that Raz B was not invited for good reason. As a former B2K fan who owned their albums, frequented their website during any class with a computer, read the fan fiction and wrote a little of my own (don't judge me); I can honestly say:

I know, I know, harsh but this is like 8 years too late. Too much has happened and people have moved on. The personal drama with the guys was more interesting than their time together and people just don't care anymore. Omarion, who was supposed to be the breakout star, has faded into semi-obscurity.

We know someone who isn't too happy about this. The one member who has been going hard for B2K was the one who was not invited. You know Raz-B had a lot to say from China. Don't ask me what he's doing in China because I have no idea.

Can someone get Raz-B a good therapist? I mean really. I'm sure Dr. Drew will be willing to have him on Vh1 and I'm sure he can use the coins. It's kind of sad to think about it. This man still has Razb2k as his twitter name 8 years after the break up. I know it hurt his feelings not to be invited but I wouldn't want crazy Raz B around. I heard none of them speak to him anymore and I don't blame them. You can be as crazy as you want to be but don't put my name into anything. 

Style Inspiration:Zhang Ziyi

With Memorial Day and summer vacations coming up, this simple yet chic look by Alessandra Rich is the perfect outfit. The shirt dress style gives it casual but the length allows it to easily transition from day to night.